Old Saigon Arabica/ Robusta 1kg

Old Saigon Arabica/ Robusta 1kg


While Robusta coffee accounts for 99% of coffee grown in Vietnam, recent years have seen a surge in Arabica coffee farms, and demand is starting to overtake supply. 

The region of Lam Dong has the perfect altitude and climate for the growing the prized Arabica bean, and Arabica coffee is now most sought after by Vietnam’s booming café scene.

Old Saigon has blended the highest quality Arabica beans from Lam Dong, with Buon Ma Thuot Robusta, resulting in a deliciously balanced cup. With a floral aroma from the Arabica, followed by the boldness of the Robusta, this blend displays rich dark chocolate, nuttieness, vanilla and complex earthy chacacters, rich and buttery, balanced with a smooth acidic finish.

Old Saigon Arabica/Robusta is a great all round coffee, and is delicious cupped with sweetened condensed milk then poured over ice.

It can also be enjoyed black with sugar, hot or iced, and is suitable for brewing in a Vietnamese coffee filter (phin), stovetop espresso and French Press.

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